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Welcome to Tree Felling Les Marais for great savings on your seasonal and monthly tree felling services, work with our 10 year old team of qualified and trained tree experts to help you get your trees ready for the new season. For great looking trees and shrubs, read more about our services or get in touch with Tree Feller Les Marais for a quick quote to get you started.
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Tree Felling Les Marais knows all the requirements to successfully maintain your garden all year round.

With the wide spread of trees in and around Les Marais it is reported that property owners and paying fines for not taking good care of their trees, we provide you with affordable services to keep you on the right side of the law:

  • Tree Felling Inspections
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Planting

At Tree Felling Les Marais we will help you be prepared for any season that might impact your garden in a negative manner.

Our Tree Felling experts know firsthand what powerful winds can do to dead or sick trees, Tree Felling Les Marais will service your trees so that you can rest assured that your trees won’t damage or hurt anyone.

  • Tree Felling in Les Marais
  • Tree Trimming Les Marais
  • Tree Stump Grinding and Pruning Les Marais
  • Tree removal Les Marais
  • Tree Maintenance Les Marais
  • Tree cutters Les Marais
  • Palm Tree Removals Les Marais
  • Tree Fellers Les Marais
  • Tree Treatment in Les Marais
  • Stump Grinding in Les Marais

Our customers enjoy an endless supply of great customer services to help them out with need they might have:

  • Get Cost of Tree Telling
  • Free Consultation
  • Monthly Plant and Flower Care
  • Tree Felling Customisation Options

Tree Felling Les Marais is insured to cover all directly affected assets near and close to the working area!

At Tree Felling Les Marais we are insurance policy covers us for up to millions of rands and we have a strict safety checklist every time we start working on a new project.

Tree Felling Les Marais will help you prepare your property before and after the tree felling service, we consider the following:

  • A Good Falling Radius for Branches
  • Tree Felling Safety Gear
  • Workplace Security Monitors

Tree Felling Les Marais can handle any task given by a home, business owner or the state!

Home Tree Felling Les Marais
Home Tree Felling Les Marais

Our residential owners are happy to find that we have a few cost-saving services for customers living close to our offices and we will prepare your home and nearby areas for a tree felling service that usually takes a few hours.

Company Tree Felling Les Marais
Company Tree Felling Les Marais

Company owners risk being sued should their tree hurt anyone and this is a risk you can not afford to have, we will quickly setup your company for the following :

  • Tree Felling Health Check
  • Tree Felling Report
  • Tree Felling Safe Zones

We will be happy to make your all tree felling problems to go away and we know that a failing tree can be a real risk for people walking or resting around it.

At Tree Felling Les Marais our experienced tree felling team is always on time and will ensure that you are clearly aware of all agreements and procedures that will occur on the day. Get in touch with us and book your appointment today.